Serving Those Who Have Served Us

We assist in the reintegration of veterans into civilian life through the creation of jobs in the agricultural sector.

We assist in the reintegration
of veterans into civilian life.

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About Us

Ranchin‘ Vets is a non-profit organization designed to benefit veterans who served post 9/11. We partner with ranches and farms nationwide to create employment opportunities in agriculture for veterans to aid in their transition from military to civilian life.

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Success Stories

Veteran Kyle G. Portrait

Kyle G.

Kyle served as a United States Marine for four years, which included two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. After joining the Operation Hire a Vet program, Kyle was hired by Yagers Pump and Well in Petaluma. Kyle’s desire to complete his college education led him to UC Berkeley where he was accepted into the Civil Engineering program. Kyle was an exemplary employee and the owner of Yagers is committed to hiring more veterans from our program. He told one of our board members “I would hire 20 veterans like Kyle-he was outstanding."

Veteran Kyle G. Portrait

Justin H.

Justin is a Marine Corps veteran as well who was workingtowards a degree in the East Bay. When Justin contacted us, he had been working part-time with the same outdoor parks company for a few years and was looking for a new job. Ranchin' Vets assisted Justin with finding a ranching job near Justin's house and school. As Justin had not had previous experience in the agricultural industry, he has said that he is learning new things each day, but he never feels like he is “working”. He is truly happy in this position and absolutely loves the family that he is working for.

Veteran Kyle G. Portrait

Josh P.

A decorated United States Army Veteran, who served twelve years with multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, Josh registered for our program after seeing a Ranchin’ Vets magnet on the back of a car in Napa after struggling for two years to find a job. We provided him with two interviews within a week of his registration and was immediately offered a job with The Family Farmer of Napa. Although Josh had no experience in farming, the owner, Noel immediately knew that Josh’s military experience demonstrated that he would be a dedicated employee, who by his very nature, was cooperative and trainable.

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